ABC Blast Cleaning Ltd utilise state of the art abrasive blasting equipment specifically designed for safety, speed and quality. We believe our commitment to provide a bespoke service is of paramount importance to the final outcome of each project worked. ABC Blast Cleaning Ltd prides itself in being one of the very few officially accredited Sponge-Jet contractors in the UK as well as using the standard abrasives required for shot blasting.

Health and Safety issues are of primary importance to us. We have robust and well managed procedures, and work in full compliance with both our and our clients’ health and safety policies. ABC Blast Cleaning Ltd complies with the Health & Safety act 1974. All our employees receive on-going training and assessments in their respective roles. Systems are constantly reviewed and monitored for legislation changes and best practises.

Industry Leaders in

  • Shot blasting
  • Sponge blasting
  • Thermal protection spraying
  • Specialist paint application
  • Specialist coatings services (such as thermal zinc spraying)
  • Polishing and surface preparation